About LinkedUp Solutions


Our Approach

Our approach involves strategically positioning you and your business as the leader of your industry. We want you to be at the forefront of your customers mind, so when they need your service there is only one person they are going to call. People do business with people they 'know, like and trust'. Our job is to provide the content, skills and knowledge so your clients trust you and invariably want to do business with you.


Why LinkedUp Solutions?

Why LinkedUp Solutions? Because we're here to make your life easier! Our strategy takes around 15 hour per week for you to implement. If you have the time and patience to do that every week I'm happy to explain our strategy and you run with it. But if you're like most business owners I know, time is critical. Your time is better off dealing with the important stuff. Let us worry about the boring marketing and social media stuff. 

LinkedUp Solutions Mission


Luke Harlen - Managing Director

I believe business owners need a break! Our system involves us doing all the marketing and promoting of your business for you. Who would love to put on a marketing or social media manager but can't afford it? Our program is half the price and side steps the problems associated with finding the right person to do what you want them to do.